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My name is Thomas VOGT, I'm an artist & music producer from Paris, France.

I am knowned under the artist name VOG.

I worked for severals years for artist such as Rosenfeld, Gabriella,

Ana Ka, Airmow, The Gadget, Rivo, Leowolf..

I worked also for brands such as Fanta, Peugeot, Sony, Nestlé..

Inspired by a large spike of directions, such as electronic music film & soundtracks, I highly praised music for fashion industry in my home country.  Analogue synthesizers and other technical sounds & sensibilities was the choice I made for my artistic direction on my first album SOUND OF SOCIETY - S.O.S. It’s a melting pot of bold, brash, enigmatic and cinematic pop-rock sound I craft for a more mature sound of the music I’m making.

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